Our Secret WP Performance Tool

WP Performance Dashboard & Weighted Performance Scores


Our unique dashboard and weighted performance score model provides a sophisticated view of how an institution has performed since 2012-13 onwards in a report and a subscription-based comparison tool to monitor and benchmark performance against comparative institutions.



Initially we have noted your institutional information including enrolments, which we are happy to amend if you have additional information that that which is publicly available from HESA (OfS).


We have documented the “Inputs”, the funds specifically allocated under the prior Access Agreements and their distribution.



We then have then provided the Outcomes indicators across:


  • Table T1a – Participation of under-represented groups in higher education: UK domiciled young full-time first-degree entrants
  • Table T1b – Participation of under-represented groups in higher education: UK domiciled young full-time undergraduate entrants
  • Table T2a – Participation of under-represented groups in higher education: UK domiciled mature full-time undergraduate entrants
  • Table T2b – Participation of under-represented groups in higher education: UK domiciled part-time undergraduate entrants
  • Table T7 – Participation of UK domiciled students in higher education who are in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA): all undergraduates


You will also see an Indexing of performance which provides a more meaningful representation of your relative performance over time as well a visual trajectory. The Index also provides the sector average performance.


In our view the two most important indicators above will be:


Variation from Location Adjusted Benchmark, which provides a year-to-year indicator of performance changes; and


Weighted Performance Score. This is a ranked score for each institutional-runner which assess performance relative to their Location Adjusted Benchmark and their “room to move” or size of available market, which is the proximity of their performance to 100% of the target. This provides a ranking for each runner on how well they perform given their marketplace. This is a more genuine measure of how well their outcomes are relative to others when their respective handicaps are taken into account. All institutions are thus measured carrying their “handicap weight”, to continue the metaphor.


To demonstrate the point, institutions recruiting WP students from State Schools and Colleges which are achieving at +/- 98% of available cohort against a Location Adjusted Benchmark in a similar vicinity, have less room for achieving demonstrable performance improvement to those working in the 70% to 80% band. There needs to be recognition of their good work, and a simple variation to benchmark won’t demonstrate this, nor will a first-past-the-post model.


We use a z-score calculation (z = (x – μ) / σ, where μ is the mean and σ the standard deviation) to enable comparison with different datasets. This is useful when comparing performance of say, recruitment from State Schools against performance in recruitment from LPNs. We have also averaged the z-score for both datasets and ranked the order of performance.


Comparative Benchmarks

When you purchase the WP Optimisation Initial Benchmark Report we will provide access to an online portal which enables benchmarking of each area against:

  • Membership Groups e.g. GuildHE, Russell group, etc
  • Geographically
  • Small & Specialist (new enrolments less than <1500)
  • Other institutions selected by you.


Dashboard Subscription

Subscribers will receive access to the online portal to access their own data online and do comparative analysis with other institutions and within their groups. As additional datasets are included they will have effectively real time access.


Subscribers will also receive access to research reports into a range of relevant isssues to guide performance and executive decisions making. This will include intersections of disadvantage, comparison reports across a range of dimensions.



To view a sample extract of our WP Performance Dashboard and be contacted by Applied Inspiration in relation to WP services and programmes, please enter your email address below or contact Mr Sean Johnson (Managing Director) via sean@appliedinspiration.co.


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