How We Optimise & Assess WP

WP Optimisation Assessment


Applied inspiration uses a complex range of frameworks and tools to undertake robust evidence based assessment of portfolio performance and development or performance improvement strategies. Performance improvement requires:


Effective Strategic Alignment: Strategy /Access Agreement to University’s strategic intent and corporate objectives.

Efficient Operational Execution: Efficiency of resource utilisation in creating programme “outputs”.

Equality & Diversity Strategy Alignment: Institutional equality and diversity strategy is the heart of the social inclusion agenda.

Innovation & Adaptability: Culture and practice of creative resolution of challenges and conflicts – incremental and disruptive

Engagement & Partnerships: Collaboration levels and practices


We use a wide range of frameworks and models in assessment and development of programme optimisation:


  • Evidence base: Benchmarking (as recommended by OfS)
  • Governance: Process mapping & Network analysis
  • Student Lifecycle: Equity Initiatives Framework
  • Programme Model: Initiative/Programme/Activity
  • Value Mapping: Business Value Chain
  • Partnering: Value yield from Collaboration
  • Logic programme: Input àOutput à Outcome
  • Ratio development: Effective performance and ROI metrics


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